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Stretched  Harley-Davidson Universel Rear Fender Cover 1998 - 2014

Product : HP-WRFO
Price : $250.00

The FLH Harley-Davidson models rear fender cover is easy to  install. It is designed to match perfectly the 4” HP-SEOFLH+ product. HPC  can adjust the size and the length for the genuine hard saddlebags. Exhaust ports  available for single, dual, or no exhaust pipes so you can tailor fit the port  openings to your pipes.                     

HP concept custom fenders feature a high quality,  hand laid extremely rigid fiberglass. A final application made of smooth and  high quality gelcoat is ready to be primer and painted.

The bagger fender that looks good  with bolth solo and two-up seating.

- Fit  on rear fender oem Harley-Davidson 1997 - 2014

- Taillights: ou can reuse  your stock taillight and attach it to center of this fender, or you can mount all of your taillights in the back of the saddlebags or you can put custom DEL taillights..

- License Plate: This fender does not feature a spot for mounting the license plate. You will want to use your own custom plate  mounth or perhaps your taillight assembly features a license plate mount, like the stock taillight.

- PLEASE NOTE: Please check fit and finish of fender to painting. HPC will not be responsible for any damage sustained to paint jobs.